Most clients describe me as a passionate and focused entrepreneur, and my friends agree, but they might also say that I can tend to work a bit too much. I am constantly obsessing over details, designs, and the unique stories of people, that is what makes me passionate about photography! It allows me to discover the true personalities and passions of people while also capturing memories that are created by loved ones. 

If I am not taking care of my husband and adorable two year old son and 6 month old daughter, (or taking photos), I am usually found hidden in the mountains, playing games with friends at a local Colorado brew house, dancing my socks off at my dance studio (or the street!), geeking out over new video games, and dreaming of being a superhero- particularly Batman.  


Traveling. Its my jam.

I have a bucket list of wedding desires, so if you fall in one of these places, ask about fun discounts and perks!

- New York State
- Italy
- Ireland
- Washington State
- Hawaii

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